“O students, study mathematics, and do not build without foundations.”

I don’t know if it happens to you too, but sometimes, as a scifi writer of very little value that I am, I find myself pausing to imagine the future. Today, thanks also to a really powerful headache, I began to imagine a future not far away, indeed, perhaps just a few days from now.

And so here I am imagining a future in which hashtagWeb3, with its decentralization and its blockchain-based security, finally decides, after months of secretive meetings, to let go and merge completely with Artificial Intelligence and together, in an extraordinary act of love, create a new life: a platform designed to host an entire ecosystem of distributed Artificial Intelligence; a new and powerful realm where machine learning and deep learning algorithms can operate freely and autonomously, analyzing, thanks to a global network of super and quantum computers, hundreds of billions of terabytes from everywhere in the universe and generating free knowledge in real time for everyone.

It’s not difficult for me to imagine how this new form of intelligent life could fuel not only personalized and predictive services, but also new forms of knowledge and skills exchange, radically transforming the way scientific research could reach new heights, from modeling climate change to discovering new drugs, from optimizing transportation networks to simulating complex economic systems and beyond to revealing the secrets of the universe: from the structure of matter to the nature itself of time and space.

Think about what “maraviglia” (as Leonardo would have said in his time) we could have access to if only all this could happen and if only all these emerging technologies were developed and used ethically, fairly and sustainably, in order to avoid the traps of inequality, abuse of power, and loss of control over destinies.

Only through global collaboration and a shared vision can we hope to fully realize the potential of this intertwined future and build a better world for future generations. The alternative is darkness.

What a warm blanket utopia is.